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Ambassadors: Anthony Spencer

28 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, Team News, | by Volte Wetsuits

We’ve introduced a few of our ambassadors on Discover, from the legendary Martin Potter, to the trailblazing Claire Bevilacqua. Today we’re profiling one of the youngest members of our team; West Australia’s Anthony Spencer. Anthony is making a name for...


The Air Up There

20 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

We’ve introduced you to a few of our Ambassadors here on Discover, and today is another instalment. Dave Delroy-Carr is a West Australian surfer who spends more time above the surf than immersed in it. As a member of the...


Stab profiles Francisco Porcella

06 Jun 2017 | Team News, | by Volte Wetsuits

Stab Magazine recently caught up with Volte ambassador Francisco Porcella, discussing his recent win at the WSL Big Wave Awards, his Italian heritage and what he wants to achieve as a self-proclaimed “late bloomer” in the sport of surfing. Check out...


Contemporaries: Three Stories

03 Jun 2017 | Contemporaries, | by Volte Wetsuits

Volte Contemporaries are people, organisations and businesses that we greatly respect. Three Stories is a surf shop in Fremantle, Western Australia, owned and operated by Mick Spence. Close to a decade’s worth of hard work, inspiration and imagination has created one of...