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Single focus

At Volte we focus our skill, expertise and resources in one area only – creating the finest wetsuits for surfers around the world.

To achieve this goal, we combine superior technology, science, design, expertise and testing, with decades of experience – both within Volte and across our manufacturing partners.


Working with our manufacturing partners, we constantly seek out modern technological advancement and never sacrifice quality for short term profit.



We engage leading scientific knowledge when producing our wetsuits, ensuring every material we use is analysed in the lab before being tested in the field.



We tirelessly seek new ways to improve the design and quality of our wetsuits, including not just the major elements, but tiny details that often go unnoticed, resulting in the best wearability possible.




We work very closely with a diverse group of surfers around the globe who put our wetsuits through rigorous testing in different climates and conditions, proving their quality before they are brought to market.



To tie everything together, our team includes proven legends of the wetsuit industry and emerging young talent, all of whom share a focus on quality and possess meticulous attention to detail.



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