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Ambassadors: Anthony Spencer

28 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, Team News, | by Volte Wetsuits

We’ve introduced a few of our ambassadors on Discover, from the legendary Martin Potter, to the trailblazing Claire Bevilacqua. Today we’re profiling one of the youngest members of our team; West Australia’s Anthony Spencer. Anthony is making a name for himself on the world longboard circuit, bringing style and versatility to the competitive scene. Currently placed fourth on the Australasian open mens rankings, he’s aiming to head to the World Championships later this year. We thought it was about time we met up with Anthony and asked him a few questions. 

Photos: Chris Gurney

Ambassadors: Anthony Spencer 9152

Anthony, can you give us some background on yourself, how long you’ve been surfing and how you got into longboarding specifically? 

I’m 19 and I’ve lived in Trigg, Western Australia my whole life. I started surfing when I was around nine years old. My dad got me into surfing and all that, originally I started on a shortboard and I got into longboarding three years ago.  A couple of my mates were doing it and I thought it’d be cool to change it up. I went in the longboard state round about a week after that and actually did pretty well, so it went from there. These days I do as many contests as I can and I’m constantly trying to get better.

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There doesn’t seem to be as many point-break style waves as say Queensland or California in Western Australia. How does it rate from your point of view? Do you think having less of the ‘traditional’ longboard spots has actually been good for your surfing?

For longboarding, out of ten, I’d rank Perth about a… three (laughs). If you’re prepared to drive a bit there are good waves, especially around Mandurah and of course if you go up north that’s really good. Metropolitan Perth is really not the best because it’s just quick, dumpy beach breaks. I think surfing here has been beneficial for my longboarding though, like it’s helped me advance a bit quicker. I can surf more of a variety of conditions whereas a lot of longboarders can only surf point breaks.

Longboarding has also helped my shortboarding a lot. When you go from a longboard to a shortboard it’s a lot looser, it gives you a bit of a different perspective on the wave, helps your style and changes your approach to surfing in general.

Ambassadors: Anthony Spencer 4907

You said you’re into competing, do you have any goals in that realm?

Yeah my most recent goal is to qualify for the World Championships this year, in Taiwan. I’m currently fourth in Australasia so if I can do well in the Whalebone contest or if I get a wildcard, I’ll hopefully be able to compete in that event. That’s my main goal at the moment, onwards from there would be to re-qualify for the World Championships again and to win Nationals in the open mens division.

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Have you done much travel overseas? Anywhere you’re trying to tick off the list right now?

I just got back from the Mentawais, and I’ve gone to Taiwan previously, France, Fiji and a bit of the South Pacific. Three destinations I’d really love to go to are Portugal, Mexico and California. Those would be the places I’d choose to go to if I had the chance right now.

Ambassadors: Anthony Spencer 9713

Do you have any wetsuit preferences and what suit/s are you currently wearing?

I like using the Zipperless suits, they’re my favourite items in the range. Before those came out, I used the Chest-Zip suits because they keep my arms and shoulders flexible and they’re obviously really warm. Right now I’m using the Super Premium range. I’ve got a steamer, short arm steamer, spring suit and vest. I’m mostly wearing the steamer right now, but I’ve also used the short arm this winter and it’s kept me warm.

Ambassadors: Anthony Spencer 4482

Anthony road tested the Prime range for this shoot, check it out here.