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Assorted Anj: Recent Journeys

29 Jul 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

Our roaming ambassador Anj Semark has been busy as usual, travelling up and down the West Australian coast and internationally to capture some dreamy seascapes and wave images. With the officially more than half-way gone, we thought we’d check in and get the story behind some of Anj’s favourite recent images. 

Captions and photos: Anj Semark

Assorted Anj: Recent Journeys 7124

We rocked up and saw one really good wave come through. It was just me and my mate Humma, so we just suited up and jumped in. Once we got out there we realised it was consistent 6-8ft and growing, it was probably one of the heaviest swims I’ve had. Looking from the carpark it was so perfect, but it was way bigger than it looked. I ended up getting absolutely rinsed by one. I didn’t realise I’d been dragged inside a little too far, and I had a big one detonate on me. It pressed me into the sand and almost washed me up onto the rocks.

Assorted Anj: Recent Journeys 8173

I’d been wanting to shoot this wave with my drone for a long time before this day. I ended up flying it for about 30 minutes even though it was really windy. It was super hard to land, I almost lost the drone in the ocean because I was flying it while driving the jetski in the channel. I was trying to land it with the battery nearly gone. I got the drone to eye-level and ended up having to stick my hand into the rotor blades to grab hold of it among the wind and swell.

Assorted Anj: Recent Journeys 7974

I did a trip to the Maldives for my ten-year wedding anniversary and picked up a job for a resort while I was there. One of the days they organised for me to go surfing with some of the local guys. We surfed a really fun wave near the airport then hopped in the boat and explored a few islands. This island in particular has an insane set up. With a little more swell you get an a-frame wave that peels around both sides of the island. Plus, the guys on the boat said they recently hosted a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models while they partied on the island for a few days! When you fly into the Maldives, you see these islands everywhere, there must be some pretty sick waves out there.

Assorted Anj: Recent Journeys 5751

That image is from a solo mission I did to the south coast of WA. I knew there was going to be some good swell kicking around so I drove down and slept in my swag for the night. I’d just wrapped up some commercial work and I really wanted to get down there to shoot some personal work. I got up early and launched the ski in the dark. I got to The Right and there were a few absolute crackers.

Assorted Anj: Recent Journeys 2401

I love shooting this wave. I got hooked on shooting empty waves after I saw a huge bomb break there six or seven years ago. It’s a sketchy place to shoot though, especially if you’re driving the ski. You get these big side-washes off the reef and big rogue waves too. You have to be constantly on the look-out.