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19 Apr 2018 | Team News, | by Volte Wetsuits

WINTERSPELL from Duran Barr on Vimeo. It’s mostly been a terrible winter for waves in the Southern California surf zone. Talk to any longtime surfer in the region and they’ll say they can remember few that have been worse. Despite...


Assorted Anj: Recent Journeys

29 Jul 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

Our roaming ambassador Anj Semark has been busy as usual, travelling up and down the West Australian coast and internationally to capture some dreamy seascapes and wave images. With the officially more than half-way gone, we thought we’d check in and...


Ambassadors: Phil Read

20 Jul 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

The Volte team encompasses a true variety of personalities and surfers. From former world champion Martin Potter, to big-wave maniac Mick Corbett, to up and coming talent Denver Young, we certainly don’t discriminate. Phil Read is another intriguing member of our...


Solo Session: Dan Corbett

12 Jul 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

You won’t meet many surfers more under-rated than Dan Corbett. Working as a surf-guide in the Telo Islands for the past four years, Dan is at home in knee high surf, all the way through to huge slabs such as The...


Summer Suits

07 Jul 2017 | Product News, | by Volte Wetsuits

While places south of the equator bunker down and wait out winter storms, the USA and its northern neighbours are enjoying holidays, UV rays and everything else the sunny season brings. Though most countries enjoy their best surf during the...


Ambassadors: Anthony Spencer

28 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, Team News, | by Volte Wetsuits

We’ve introduced a few of our ambassadors on Discover, from the legendary Martin Potter, to the trailblazing Claire Bevilacqua. Today we’re profiling one of the youngest members of our team; West Australia’s Anthony Spencer. Anthony is making a name for...


The Air Up There

20 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

We’ve introduced you to a few of our Ambassadors here on Discover, and today is another instalment. Dave Delroy-Carr is a West Australian surfer who spends more time above the surf than immersed in it. As a member of the...