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The Air Up There

20 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte

We’ve introduced you to a few of our Ambassadors here on Discover, and today is another instalment. Dave Delroy-Carr is a West Australian surfer who spends more time above the surf than immersed in it. As a member of the...


GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett

13 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte

Mick Corbett has made a name for himself with his no-holds-barred attitude at big wave breaks like The Right, Cow Bombie and Nazare. After sustaining a knee injury at one of the aforementioned spots earlier this year, Mick has been sidelined, forced to watch...


Stab profiles Francisco Porcella

06 Jun 2017 | Team News, | by Volte

Stab Magazine recently caught up with Volte ambassador Francisco Porcella, discussing his recent win at the WSL Big Wave Awards, his Italian heritage and what he wants to achieve as a self-proclaimed “late bloomer” in the sport of surfing. Check out...


Contemporaries: Three Stories

03 Jun 2017 | Contemporaries, | by Volte

Volte Contemporaries are people, organisations and businesses that we greatly respect. Three Stories is a surf shop in Fremantle, Western Australia, owned and operated by Mick Spence. Close to a decade’s worth of hard work, inspiration and imagination has created one of...


The Big Wave Project

29 May 2017 | Contemporaries, Photo Stories, | by Volte

Tim Bonython has been in the surf-filmmaking scene for over thirty years. His Australian Surf Movie Festival series is an annual event designed, as he puts it, to “bring back the good ol’ days and go on the road and...


Get to know: The Premium Chest Zip Steamer

15 May 2017 | Product News, | by Volte

Get To Know is a series that helps you learn more about how wetsuits and how they work. Today, we’re looking at the 3/2mm Premium Chest Zip Steamer.   With both the Southern and Northern hemispheres currently transitioning between seasons,...


Iceland in the 5/4 Hooded Steamer

11 May 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte

If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog, or you follow our social media channels, you’ll already be familiar with the work of Anj Semark. One of Australia’s best and most productive surf photographers, his work captures the many moods...


Moon Jumps Over the Cow

06 May 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte

Jamie Scott, aka ‘Moon’ is a mainstay of Western Australia’s surf culture. He’s been shooting the best waves, surfers and swell events of the area for more than a decade, beginning when slide film and magazines were all that mattered, through to digital photography,...


Francisco takes Biggest Wave Award

03 May 2017 | Team News, | by Volte

The WSL this week announced Francisco Porcella as the winner of the 2017 Biggest Wave Award at their annual ceremony in Anaheim, CA. A Volte global ambassador, Francisco is a frequent stand out whenever the waves tip into extra large territory, earning...


Bevo wins Barbados

19 Apr 2017 | Contemporaries, Team News, | by Volte

We recently filed a story on Volte team rider Claire Bevilacqua and her local spot near Yallingup in Western Australia. Claire took us through an average morning session, explaining why she thrived on being at home after lengthy stints overseas competing...





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