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GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett

13 Jun 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

Mick Corbett has made a name for himself with his no-holds-barred attitude at big wave breaks like The Right, Cow Bombie and Nazare. After sustaining a knee injury at one of the aforementioned spots earlier this year, Mick has been sidelined, forced to watch as winter does its thing in the southern hemisphere. Sitting on the couch and sticking his head in the sand isn’t the way Mick does things, so he’s taken to photographing the same sessions he would normally be in the thick of. We caught up with Mick to get a better idea of his motivations and how he’s enjoying the change so far.

Images courtesy of Mick Corbett. 

GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett 985

Volte: How was it out there, have you shot photos of those waves previously?

Mick: Nah, I’ve never really shot photos before, I just borrowed my girlfriend’s camera and went out to watch the boys surf. I thought I might as well fire off a few shots and I was pretty pumped, I was surprised my shots were actually half decent!

GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett 8634

Did you have the camera in a housing? 

No housing, I just had the camera in a little backpack in front of me on the jetski. I was also driving Chris Bryan (videographer) so when a wave came too close and I thought it could wet us I’d just throw it back in the bag and drive off. But I was just holding it for the most part really.

GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett 2404

Was there anything you noticed from the photographer point of view that you might miss as a surfer out the back? 

You miss everything when you’re surfing, you don’t really know what’s going on because you’re waiting out the back most of the time. It was good to just be out there without any nerves enjoying the session and watching the boys surf. From the channel you really get a sense of who dominates out there and who gets the best waves.

GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett 1223

Was it killing you to watch the action without taking part yourself? 

After Brad Norris’ first bomb I was like “Ohhh that was pretty epic.. I wish I was surfing too” but then he got his next one and I took a photo of it and I started getting really amped on shooting the waves. I guess it’s the next best thing to surfing really… but it’s pretty hard to get a good shot, getting the right focus and framing.

GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett 3608
GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett 9225

You got a bunch of nice shots of Volte ambassador Phil Read, can you describe his skills out there for us?

Yeah, he was loving it out at The Left cos he’s a goofy and it’s rare for those guys to score lefthand slabs. He got some sick ones out there. He got one that washed down on him a bit but it was an absolute bomb. I don’t think he really gauged how big it was.. he was asking me “was that one alright?” I was like, “Are you kidding? That was mental!”

GoldenEye – behind the lens with Mick Corbett 2760

How’s the injury going and when will you be back?  

It’s going pretty good, it’s healing up well and I should be back in the water in about five weeks. Right now I’m just trying to get full mobility back in my knee, and I’m a little ahead of schedule in that regard so that’s good. I’ve been working on it since it happened, trying to strengthen it and get flexibility back.