What are the benefits of becoming a volte shareholder?

Volte combine tech, science & design expertise to develop quality, eco-conscious wetsuits. With endorsement from pro surfers & sales from West Coast Australia to West Coast USA and several countries in between, they’re raising to support ambitious growth plans in the £2.4bn surfboard/accessories market.

  • Surf industry expected to generate revenues of US$9.5b by 2022
  • Focused on growing through community-based activity
  • Multi-year partnership signed with Surfing Western Australia
  • Engaged social reach - 15.8k on Instagram & 293k Vimeo impressions

Since launch, and with a revamped website, operations and sales have expanded from West Coast Australia to West Coast USA, with representation in over 20 countries in between, including breaking into the EU/UK.

Funds will be used to support consolidation and growth plans in the UK and expansion into Japan, Brazil and South Africa in 2021.

What are the main risks of investing in shares?

There are two principal risks to be aware of when investing in shares, particular when investing in growth focused businesses:

  • The value of your shares depends on the success of the company. If the company is unsuccessful and decreases in value, the value of your shares will also fall. If the company fails completely and goes out of business, you would lose all of your investment.
  • Your shares in Volte, as a private company without its shares being traded on a public market, are illiquid, which means they can be difficult to sell and it can be hard to value them. It may not be possible to sell them at all, even if the business is a success and your shares have increased in value. You should therefore be prepared to hold your shares for the long-term.
  • You can find out more information about making an equity investment, including the different risks involved, in the appropriate information section from Crowdcube (the investment platform where our campaign is available).

Who are crowdcube and how do I invest?

Volte have partnered with equity investment experts Crowdcube to offer our shares.

To become a shareholder of Volte you will need to open an account with Crowdcube and place your investment through them. Your investment will be administered and held through your Crowdcube account, and Crowdcube have recently announced the intention to open a secondary marketplace where you can look to sell your shares in the future.

Please note that citizens of the United States are not able to invest on the Crowdcube platform. Volte does have other avenues of investment for United States citizens, for further information please contact

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows us to receive investment from a large number of people via a dedicated online portal. As a company, sustainability is at the heart of what we do, so when it came to our next funding round we wanted to democratise the process and open up the opportunity to own shares in Volte to everyone.

When will your crowdfunding campaign go live?

Our campaign is currently scheduled to go live on 17 December 2020.

Will i be able to sell my shares?

The exit options for investors in start-up and growth stage businesses are quite different from the process of buying and selling shares. Currently, shares bought in the types of businesses on the Crowdcube platform are not typically available to trade on a secondary market, and therefore your exit options as an investor are more limited. Crowdcube have recently announced the intention to open a secondary marketplace where you can look to sell your shares in the future but this has not yet been rolled out / opened.

If Volte continues to grow, there could be other opportunities in the future to sell your shares. This might be if the company lists on a stock exchange, Volte is bought by another company or the company offers to buy back your shares using profits.

When will the round close?

The campaign will last for 30 days.