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Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua

16 Feb 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

Claire Bevilacqua is one of West Australia’s most accomplished female surfers. Her career accolades include several successful years on the World Championship Tour, winning the 2009 Pipeline Pro, travelling to all corners of the earth and even appearing in the highly coveted ESPN Body Issue (alongside icons like Serena Williams and Manny Pacquaio). As one of Volte’s female ambassadors, we thought it was time to visit Claire and experience a morning surf through her lens.

All photos: Chris Gurney

Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 3451

We meet up with Claire at a beach-break close to her Yallingup abode. Checking the conditions, we settle on this fun lefthand bank and Claire is in her Premium 3×2 Steamer and paddling out long before the rest of the crew.

Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 3070

Claire doesn’t mind dodging closeouts to find an empty peak – “When the banks form out there I don’t really mind if it’s not the best waves of the day on the coastline, I just want to be out there with nobody around. Just the trees and empty beaches, my dog watching on.”

Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 3177

It’s not hard to understand Claire’s affinity for this spot with water clarity and conditions like this.

Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 3120
Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 8252
Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 1630
Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 1541

After taking a break from the contest schedule, Claire is back on the grind, aiming to return to the Women’s Championship Tour once again. “I’m born and raised in hollow beachies but I find myself staying away from those waves because I’m practicing for the contests. Sessions like this remind me how fun it is to get sandy barrels.”

Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 3752

We ask Claire; what’s the best part of living in South-Western Australia? “It’s a permanent holiday vibe. It’s still peaceful and pristine and I feel grateful every time I get to surf out the front of my house. I love to escape the crowds and every time I’m out there I feel like I can hide from everybody.”

Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 5742
Shifting sands: Claire Bevilacqua 9916

With the sea breeze on it’s way in, Claire finds a shallow bomb and gets down the face, only to catch a rail at the bottom.  She pops up laughing, and we call an end to the session. With a stretch of important contests in the near future, Claire has a bunch of errands to run, flights to book and most likely a late afternoon session to save her boards for.