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Solo Session: Dan Corbett

12 Jul 2017 | Photo Stories, | by Volte Wetsuits

You won’t meet many surfers more under-rated than Dan Corbett. Working as a surf-guide in the Telo Islands for the past four years, Dan is at home in knee high surf, all the way through to huge slabs such as The Right. He recently made the move back to his home state of Western Australia, intent on experiencing some of the massive waves his brother Mick and friends have been riding of late. Dan hasn’t been back long but his wave count is paying off, as evidenced by the images below. We caught up with Dan to hear about being back in Western Australia, and how he scored this session all to himself. 

Photos: Anya Gilmartin & Chris Gurney

Solo Session: Dan Corbett 1379

Volte: How often do you travel to the North-West?

Dan Corbett: I love going up north, I try to do a trip once a year. When I was really focusing on surfing heaps I was going up there whenever I could, I actually did a weekend trip all the way up there which was pretty hectic (laughs). You’re pretty much always guaranteed good waves and good times, plus the fishing up there is great as well. Usually we go up there and camp, obviously it’s a long drive so you want to stay up there as long as you can.

Solo Session: Dan Corbett 2218
Solo Session: Dan Corbett 1169

Can you describe the session in these photos? 

Yeah it was actually a solo session, I checked it in the morning and there was swell but it was a bit wonky. I was with Jarryd Foster and my brother Mick and they decided to go out fishing on the boat. I was really keen to surf so I just hung out with my girlfriend Anya and around lunch time we checked the surf again and it was pumping. I wanted Anya to stay and watch me in case I got hurt but she ended up taking photos too.

I paddled out and the first wave I caught was the one where I’ve got my hands up. That made my confidence go through the roof and after that it just pumped for two more hours. I came in, had an Emu Export and met up with Mick and Jarryd and went “you guys blew it!” The funny thing is they got no fish either (laughs).

Solo Session: Dan Corbett 5791

What wetsuit were you wearing?

I wore the Zipperless Super Premium Short Arm Steamer. It was perfect for the temperature up there. The water’s fairly warm but the reef is really shallow so it’s good to have a bit more protection on you. 2/2mm Short Arm Steamer is the way to go for sure.

Solo Session: Dan Corbett 6493
Solo Session: Dan Corbett 1561

How is living back in WA?

Yeah it’s been good, I was living in Indonesia for four years full time so it’s good to be back. I’m getting back on the tools again, picking up work with people I know and trying to get back on the big wave scene to catch a few bombs again. I got a little bit jealous watching everyone else scoring over here while I was living overseas so I thought I’d come home and get a few with them!

Solo Session: Dan Corbett 6625

Have you had any big swells here? 

I’ve surfed Cow Bombie once and The Right three or four times. The day I surfed Cow was when the WSL contest was running at North Point. It was pretty fun, it wasn’t massive or anything but it was a good warm-up. I’m looking forward to getting a few more big swells this winter.