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07 Jul 2017 | Product News, | by Volte Wetsuits

While places south of the equator bunker down and wait out winter storms, the USA and its northern neighbours are enjoying holidays, UV rays and everything else the sunny season brings. Though most countries enjoy their best surf during the cooler months, people generally spend more time in the ocean during summer. With this in mind, we’ve selected our three favourite products for warm water. Grab one that makes the most sense for you, or grab all three for a summer wetsuit quiver that will provide you the right option on any day, for any type of session. 

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Premium 1mm Back-Zip Vest

The wetsuit vest has become a huge favourite for any regular summer surfer. Combined with a pair of board shorts, it’s incredibly easy to wear, dries quickly and prevents the nightmare rib rash that can strip the fun from a morning of good waves. Our vest includes Memo Flex Neoprene and a YKK Back-Zip, giving it an extra edge in terms of flexibility and ensuring it won’t lose its elasticity over time. Check it out here.

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Premium 2/2mm Short Sleeve Steamer

There’s not much we can say about the Short Sleeve Steamer than hasn’t already been said. We believe it’s one of the most flattering wetsuit products on the market, and it perfectly bridges the gap between warmth, sun protection and flexibility. If you’re in a place where the air temperature is markedly warmer than the water temperature, even in summer, this is the ideal suit for you. See all the details here.

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Prime 3/2mm Steamer

A steamer, in summer? We know what you’re thinking, but this type of wetsuit is very common in the warmer months, particularly for those who enjoy early morning or late evening sessions. Another reason the 3/2mm steamer is a smart choice is for UV protection, allowing you to cover the majority of your body from the harsh summer sun. Our Prime range features three choices of 3/2mm steamer; the Back-Zip Flatlock, Back-Zip GBS and Chest-Zip GBS. Click the links to see which wetsuit suits you best, or check out the entire Prime range here.